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December 17th, 2020


On December 17th, the webinar with the China Rehabilitation Research Center for Hearing and Speech Impairment in Beijing (北京中国听力语言康复研究中心) was held successfully. With the common goal of promoting the development and having the same enthusiasm for benefitting the wellbeing of children with hearing loss, this collaboration began in the year 2017, sponsored by the KNAW grant for China Exchange Program. Since then, this collaboration has achieved excellent results, including launching three new China Scholarship PhD projects and largescale longitudinal research tracking the social and emotional development of Chinese preschoolers with hearing loss. During the meeting, ideas on ongoing research and preliminary results were discussed in context with observations made by teachers at the centre.

Both sides exchanged their perspectives on the learning and development of deaf or-hard-of hearing children's social-emotional skills in both China and the Netherlands. In discussion about future collaborations, the playground and classroom environment were also discussed, and the centre shared on teaching strategies that they may use to facilitate collaborative social learning between typically-hearing and deaf or hard-of-hearing children. All-in-all, a very fruitful exchange to further broaden and deepen the growth of our long-term collaboration.