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February 12th, 2019Dies Natalis 1

Screen Shot 2019 02 12 at 10.37.55On the 8th of February 2019 Leiden University celebrated its 444th birthday – a very special occasion with a very special celebration. Carolien took part in the traditional Dies Natalis procession through the city of Leiden, which included drummers, flautists and, of course, professors. When the procession reached its destination at Pieterskerk, the festivities continued with a ceremony, where Rector Magnificus Carel Stolker delivered a superb opening address emphasising the importance of sharing knowledge with the University’s neighbours in Leiden and the Hague.

“We are throwing the doors wide open

and venturing into the big wide world”

           Screen Shot 2019 02 12 at 10.38.40

Other forms of celebration are taking place too, like visits by professors to 40 primary schools across Leiden and the Hague, in order to develop connections between the University and the younger generation. Read more about the Dies Natalis celebrations here and see more photos on Twitter @LedienPsy.