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July 10th, 2018

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Danique (top left), Sjors (top right) and Tamara (bottom) presented their Masters theses at Leiden University Psychology Science Day on the 5th of July 2018.

Danique's research examined experinces of moral emotions; shame and guilt, in children with developmental language disorder (DLD). It is the first study to investigate moral emotions in this group and may have significant implications for their social development, as there is a known link between moral emotions and moral behavior. 

Sjors' research was a longitudinal study on theory of mind (ToM) in young children (age 1 - 6) with autism, which indicated that - after an initial delay - children with autism seem to catch up on most early ToM capacities.

Tamara examined how the proactive and reactive aggression of pre-school children is related to their peer interactions and emotion regulation abilities. In order to measure the frequency and duration of the children’s interactions on the playground, she used data from radio-frequency identification devices collected by Guida in Lisbon, Portugal (see more about this method here).

Congratulations Danique, Sjors & Tamara!