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May 18, 2018

Cross-culture collaboration is important if we want to better understand emotional development. On Monday 14 May, we were visited by our Chinese collaborators from Peking University, Dr. Li Yi and her PhD student Shuyuan Feng. A symposium was held to serve as a platform of academic exchange between our Chinese guests and Leiden researchers on the topic of autism and face/emotion processing. 

 Dr. Yi herself gave a talk to review the works of her lab on early visual attention in children with autism, and discuss how visual attention may be related to both social deficits and repetitive behaviors. Other speakers, including Prof. dr. Wouter G. Staal, Dr. Zhida Xu (University Medical Center Utrecht), Mr. Xuejing Du, Dr. Marika Kret and Boya, also shared their most recent research findings.


KNAW expertmeeting 14May2018 2

(From left to right) Dr. Lex Stockmann, Dr. Mariska Kret, Xuejing Du, Dr. Li Yi from Peking University, Dr. Boya Li, Shuyuan Feng from Peking University, Rachel O'Connor.

KNAW expertmeeting 14May2018 3

(From left to right) Rachel O'Connor, Laura Iacomi, Prof. dr.  Wouter Staal, Dr. Zhida Xu.