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June 6, 2018


On the 4th of June, Dr. Daniel Dukes visited our lab to present some of his recent research on affective social learning.

Daniel received an 'Early postdoc' grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation on March 1st of this year (2018), which allows him to work at Amsterdam University (Prof. Agneta Fisher) and Oxford University (Prof. Brian Parkinson) over the following 18 months. Daniel's current work focuses on how infants learn about the social meaning of objects in their environment through observations of others' interactions with those objects. His work also examines how young children learn to attribute meaning to facial expressions, about which Boya and Yung-Ying could also share their expertise based on their current work in Taiwan. Furthermore, Daniel explained his work on the role of emotions in prosocial behaviour in young children, which was of interest to Carolien, Lex and Rachel, who are currenlty running a project on helping behaviour in teenagers with autism. Indeed, the visit from Daniel has inspired future collaborations with our lab!

Click here to learn more about Daniel’s work!