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September 1, 2017

NinaLaugen Promotion v2

On August 22nd, Nina Jakhelln Laugen successfully defended her PhD thesis "Psychosocial functioning, emotion understanding and social skills in hard of hearing preschool children" (supervisors Karl Jacobsen, Lars Wichstrøm, and Carolien) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway.

Nina is one of the first to have a PhD project addressing the psychosocial functioning in children with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, who are seldom subjects to research in the literature. Her results show that children who are hard of hearing have more psychosocial difficulties than their hearing peers, and even children with mild or unilateral hearing loss may benefit from early intervention. Two opponents (Bjorn Lyxell, Sweden; and Eva Simonsen, Norway) each discussed with Nina for 30 minutes about her work. Both opponents were positive and acknowledged the importance of the work and its contribution to the field. Congratulations, Nina!