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Our “Social Play Project” is a candidate for the “Slimste Project” (smartest project) in the Netherlands 2016! Despite the nowadays increasing focus on academic achievement in children, the findings of this research emphasize the importance of free play in developing children’s social competence. In this project, an innovative method was developed to study children’s play behaviours in free settings by using a new sensor technique. The project was collaborated by developmental psychologists Carolien Rieffe (Leiden University) and Guida Veiga (University of Évora, Portugal) with computer scientists Joost Kok, Arno Knobbe and Ricardo Cachuch (Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science). For detailed information on the “Social Play Project”, please see our news archive or click here. Now you can vote for us and help us win the “Slimste Project” of the Netherlands in 2016: please click here.