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On the 20th of July, 2016, Carolien participated in the Ordina HoloLens Contest together with Joost Kok (LIACS). Participants could pitch their ideas for practical applications of the HoloLens - a pair of Augmented Reality glasses developed by Microsoft. 

Carolien’s idea was to explore the possibilities of using the HoloLens as a tool for emotional development. Most children develop emotional intelligence by practicing social situations (arguing, winning and losing, negotiating) with others. However, children with autism, hearing impairments, or language impairments are often faced with social isolation, which limits their possibilities for peer interactions, especially in groups, and in turn, develop emotional intelligence. Augmented Reality may offer new opportunities for these children: by using a HoloLens, a virtual friend can be created with whom they can practice social situations over and over again.  The audience of the contest was enthusiastic about Carolien’s pitch: they granted it a 2nd place, right behind Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC), which will be using the HoloLens for cancer research.