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CompilatieAfter analyzing new data and discussing these findings within our team, it is also important to present and discuss our new insights to a broader audience of both academics and professionals. Carolien was invited by The Ear Foundation (Nottingham, UK) to present our work on empathy related issues in Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) children. She was also asked to highlight important findings of our work in DHH children to all speech and language therapists from the different cochlear implant centers in The Netherlands on their annual meeting in Leiden.

Carolien was invited to give a keynote lecture about the development of empathy at the ‘hear me’ symposium, and Neeltje gave two workshops about the (co)occurrence of bullying and victimization in youngsters with Speech and Language Impairments (SLI).    Marieke de Bruine, Evelien, Neeltje and Naqi visited the The XXth Workshop Aggression (Linz, Autria) and presented our work on bullying in several (clinical) groups. Anouk stayed closer to home and reported on the relationship between language skills, communication and social functioning in early identified DHH children during the scientific meeting for ENT surgeons in Nieuwegein.