Long-term Visitors

Elina HarjunenElina Harjunen

University of Helsinki, Finland

Elina is a psychology MA student from the University of Helsinki (Finland). As a research assistant she will assist Neeltje van den Bedem for three months on her studies regarding the socio-emotional development of children with specific language impairments (SLI). Elina’s research and clinical interests are language development and related deficits. 

Nina Jakhelln LaugenNina Jakhelln Laugen

Nina Jakhelln Laugen is a clinical psychologist in the national service for special needs education in Norway, mainly working with newly diagnosed deaf children and their families. She is currently working on her PhD in psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with Carolien Rieffe as a co-supervisor. Her focus of research is development of emotion understanding in preschool children with moderate hearing loss. To discuss her research ideas, Nina visited our lab in February 2015.

Chiara Malagoli, PhD

chiaraHometown: Genoa, Italy 

Chiara Malagoli is a PhD Student at Department of Developmental Sciences, University of Genoa Italy, supervised by Prof. Maria Carmen Usai. Chiara studies executive functioning, with a specific focus on Inhibition during adolescence. She first visited our lab in February 2014, then returned for another six months in the summer and fall of 2014 to gain more knowledge on how emotion regulation can be related to control processes during adolescence.

César Rodríguez Ledocezar

Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile

Cesar Rodriguez is a lecturer at Zaragoza University (Spain) working on “Development of Social and Emotional abilities in youngsters: design, application and results of the social and emotional program for youngsters SEA”. Cesar has designed and applied a social and emotional program for teenagers to improve their social and emotional abilities and visited our lab in the summer of 2013 while in the process of analysing this data and writing it up.

Ximena PereiraXimenaPereira

Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile 

Xime is doing her research on the interrelation between couple dynamics on parents and psychological aspects on early childhood of their children. She visited the Emotion Lab for 3 months (2013), exchanging ideas about the development of a measure to evaluate parents' ability to differentiate emotional expressions in their children.

Guida Veiga, PhDGuida

Hometown : Lisbon, Portugal 

Guida's PhD research concerned play and other leisure activities and social-emotional competence of preschool age children and adolescents. During the course of her PhD project, Guida visited our lab on a regular basis (2011-2014) to exchange ideas about her research and learn about new methodologies. On her visits, Guida usually gives a lecture in the Bachelor course 'Social and Emotional Development' on the importance of free play and other leisure activities in children's and adolescents' emotional development. Guida is an invited assistant professor at University of Évora. She conducted her PhD project at the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Human Kinetics, co-supervised in Leiden by Professor Carolien Rieffe. Using her training as a psychomotor therapist, Guida examined the relationships between different forms of play and leisure on children's social-emotional development and adolescents' mental health problems. "I have always been amazed by the power of play in children's development. Although it seems such an obvious thing that children need to play, there is a lack of research on how play contributes to adaptive social and emotional functioning."

Katerina Kornilaki, PhDKaterina

Katerina Kornilaki is a tenured assistant professor of developmental psychology at the Department of Preschool Education, University of Crete, in Greece. She received a B.Ed in preschool education from the University of Crete and an MA and Ph.D in child development from the Institute of Education, University of London. She is interested in children’s positive emotions. During her visit (2012) at the Unit of Developmental and Educational Psychology she discussed and exchanged ideas with members of the Focus on Emotions group in order to set up a study on gratitude in children. 

Nikki LukeNikki Luke photo

Hometown : Brighton, England

During her PhD project (supervised by Professor Robin Banerjee at the University of Sussex), Nikki visited our lab multiple times (2012). Her research examined the influence of parenting experiences (including abuse and neglect) on children’s peer relations and self-perceptions, to see whether this relationship is mediated by problems with empathy and social understanding. "I am very interested in the lab's approach to empathy as a multi-faceted construct, as I expect to find that particular parenting experiences are linked to specific profiles of empathic responding in our sample."

Makoto Miller-TsutsuiMakoto

Hometown : Minnesota, United States

Makoto is a Bachelor of Arts student from the University of Minnesota who visited our lab for 7 months (Jan - July 2012) through the international Euroscholars program. "I've enjoyed watching children develop and apply new skills, so I wanted to come to the Focus on Emotions group to gain hands on experience in preparation for a future PhD position in developmental psychology."