Collaborators - Computational modelling

Prof. Dr. Joost KokJoost Kok

Since 1995 Joost is a Professor in Computer Science at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) and since 2005 also Professor in Medicine at Leiden University. His research is concentrated around the themes (scientific) data and model management, data mining, bioinformatics and algorithms.


Prof. Dr. Aske PlaatAske plaat

Aske Plaat is professor of Data Science at the Leiden Centre of Data Science of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science of Leiden University, the Netherlands. His main field of research is data science. He has a background in artificial intelligence and supercomputing. His research interests are in large scale analytics. Previously, he has worked at the University of Alberta, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Tilburg University and NHTV Breda.

Dr. Arno KnobbeArno Knobbe

Arno is a senior researcher in the Data Mining Group at the LIACS (the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science). His research is focused on projects that revolve around large collections of data. In these projects, novel and scalable Data Mining techniques are employed to effectively unearth the useful knowledge in these rich sources of data. His activities include the development of new techniques for uncovering hidden knowledge from this data, and the development of new ways to apply existing techniques to 'Big Data'. Fons VerbeekFons Verbeek2

Fons is the group leader of the Imaging and BioInformatics group at the LIACS (Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science). He is also involved in the supervision of students with their master research project, and collaborates with our group on research that involves individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Ricardo Cachucho, MSc.Ricardo Cachucho

Ricardo is a PhD candidate in the LIACS Data Mining group at the university of Leiden, working under the supervision of dr. Arno Knobbe and Siegfried Nijssen. His current focus is on data mining techniques for time series.

Dr. Joost Broekensjoost broekens 2

Joost is an assistant professor in Affective Computing at the Department of Intelligent Systems (INSY) at Delft University of Technology. His most recent interests include reinforcement learning, affective computing, human-robot and human-computer interaction, and gaming research.