Collaborators - Autism

(In alphabetical order)

Sander Begeer

Dr. Sander Begeer

Sander Begeer is a senior lecturer at the Vrije University in Amsterdam, and works on theory of mind and related topics in children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In his research, Sander focuses on the question why children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder develop differently in their understanding of other people‚Äôs minds and how this can be affected. He did his PhD with Hans Koot, Mark Meerum Terwogt, and Carolien Rieffe, and defended his thesis in 2005.


Els BlijdHoogewys

Dr. Els Blijd-Hoogewys

Els Blijd-Hoogewys is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist/cognitive behaviour therapist. She is manager of clinical affairs (staff member), senior researcher, and the manager of the specialist teams (GZ & KP) at INTER-PSY (GGZ, Groningen). She is an expert on females with ASD, also chairman of the FANN (Female Autism Network of the Netherlands). Her research focuses on infants, children and adults with autism, and on using the BRIEF(A) in patients with all kinds of psychiatric problems.



Shuyuan Feng

Shuyuan is the PhD student of Dr. Li Yi at Peking University, China. She is collaborating with us on the KNAW-funded project on emotion understanding in ASD children.  



Prof. Kenneth Gadow 

Kenneth works at the University of New York (Stony Brook) and he is an expert on comorbidity in children and adolescents with ASD. 



Laura Hull

Laura Hull

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Laura Hull is a PhD student at University College London, supervised by Dr William Mandy and Professor KV Petrides. Her research focuses on gender differences in autism and the use of social camouflaging strategies to mask or compensate for autistic characteristics. She is currently collaborating on a project involving empathy in autistic and non-autistic boys and girls. 

Dr. Bibi Huskens

bibi 3 klein formaat

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Bibi is staff member of the Research and Development Division of the Dr. Leo Kannerhuis in Doorwerth. The Dr. Leo Kannerhuis is a specialized child and adolescent psychiatric institute offering differentiating methods of care and treatment for people with autism. As a staff member, Bibi is concerned with a couple of research projects and the development of education and training of staff and students. One of her research projects will focus on the implementation and evaluation of Pivotal Response Training in the Child Clinic.


Dr. Lex Stockmann

Lex is a psychiatrist and the director of Centrum Autism, Oegstgeest. In this function, Lex stimulates collaboration between university researchers and professionals who work with children with autism on a daily basis. This collaboration is encouraged in order to increase scientific knowledge, and to contribute to the improvement of the assessment and treatment of this specific group.


Yi Li

Dr. Li Yi

Dr. Li Yi works in Developmental and Pedagogical Psychology at Peking University, China. She is an expert on face processing, social cognition and cognitive abnormalities in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Currently, we are collaborating with her and her team on a KNAW-funded project on emotion understanding in ASD children in the Netherlands and China.