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Leiden Psychology Blog. PRE'ers Mia and Justine co-authors about autism in schools.  April 29 2021.


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Universiteit Leiden. Every day is a day for Autism Awareness. March 31 2021.


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Leiden Psychology Blog. Autism and social inclusion at high school; a case of weak or strong ties?. March 30 2021.


uitgeverij swp Life hacks for girls with autism, Publisher SWP. November 25 2020.

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Universiteit Leiden - Yung-Ting's Thesis: Navigating the world of emotions: Social information processing in children with and without hearing loss. November 11 2020.


NPO 2 logo 2014 NPO 2 De Monitor - Carolien in the documentary of Elijah Delsink, a 17-year-old autistic student taking a national action to ban cease therapy for autism. September 21 2020 


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 Universiteit Leiden - An inclusive learning environment for children with communication problems. July 13 2020


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 Universiteit Leiden - Black Lives Matter; Musea bekennen kleur. June 18 2020


BNNVARA logoBNNVARA podcast Echte Oogappels - Carolien discusses the drama series Oogappels (episode 5) about embarrassment among adolescents and their parents. April 9 2020

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 Universiteit Leiden - Are autistic youngsters less prosocial? April 4 2020

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Leiden Psychology Blog - Carolien Rieffe, Sarah Giest & Pim Deul. Is school a place where autism meets equal opportunity? March 23 2020


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Universiteit Leiden - Do autistic teenagers spontaneoulsy help a clumsy researcher? September 12 2019


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 Leiden Psychology Blog - Bullying and autism: blaming the victim? April 1 2019


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 Universiteit Leiden - A newsitem in which Lisa explains how research into autism works in Leiden and Morocco. April 1 2019



Raising and Educating Deaf Children e-Bulletins, Oxford University Press - The bully, the victim, and the classroom: what to do now? January 31 2019


sleutelstad logo Sleutelstad - Bullying and its effects among children and adolescents with autism. September 26 2018

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Universiteit Leiden - A newsitem on Adva's postdoc project on social participation of deaf and hard-of-hearing children. August 20 2018


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Universiteit Leiden - A newsitem on the NWO project on creating an inclusive school environment for adolescents with autism. July 10 2018


nivon natuurvrienden 2016 logo  Nivon - Outdoor games are important for the development of children. June 12 2018


 trouwlogoTrouw - Carolien was interviewed on teaching autistic children about white lies. February 27 2018

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Radio 1 Nieuws en Co - Carolien was interviewed about the genetic link for autism. July 17 2017


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Universiteit Leiden - A newsitem on social skills in autistic girls. Dutch version can be found here. April 1 2017


logo Leiden1Universiteit Leiden - A newsitem about children in the Smart City. Dutch version can be found hereJanuary 31 2017


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Trouw - Carolien was interviewed on how to deal with emotions as a parent with a teenage son. October 12 2016

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Universiteit Leiden - A newsitem about the public prize we won in the Smartest Innercity contest. Dutch version can be found hereOctober 4 2016


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Universiteit Leiden - A newsitem about our participation in the Smartest Innercity contest. September 13 2016


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 De Volkskrant - Carolien was interviewed for a newsitem concerning the influence of a new game called Pok√©mon Go on children with autism. July 19 2016


 RTL Nieuws -  A newsitem in which Carolien is interviewed about the risk of access to violent porn and other harmfull video's by children on the internet
                         (in Dutch, the item starts at 11:46m)



 RTL 7 - Smart city - Carolien was interviewed about our research on the importance of play using a highly innovative technique.


 Quest Psychologie - Carolien answers the question: Why do children like to watch scary movies?


nporadio1 logo Radio 1 Nieuws en Co - An interview with Carolien on the importance of free play in young children, broadcasted live on Radio One. January 27 2016


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 Algemeen Dagblad - A news item about the the importance of social play for children's social development. January 27 2016


De Stentor

 De Stentor - A newsarticle about the importance of play based on our recent findings

trouwlogoTrouw - An interview with Carolien about empathic abilities in children and adolescents

ntvg logoNederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde - A news item about our article published in Ear & Hearing on psychopathology in children with cochlear implants.   

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Sleutelstad - Carolien was interviewed about the legacy of Nico Frijda for the radio programme Science 071 on April 22. 

ul logo Leiden University Blog - Carolien's post in Leiden University's blog to honor Nico Frijda 


nporadio1 logoRadio Een Vandaag - An interview with Carolien on autism which was broadcast on Radio One on April 7. 


InzichtEmotionele Ontwikkeling als Basis - Carolien wrote a blog post about quantitative versus qualitative differences in the development of children with ASD.



nederlandsdagbladNederlands Dagblad - An interview with Carolien interview about some of the recent findings on children with autism in light of Autism Week.


ul logoLeiden University - A news item posted during Autism Week, for which Carolien was interviewed about our recent research outcomes.


groot-nrcnext2013NRC-NEXT - Carolien's interview about the heated discussion whether Black Pete is racist or not.


 nrc2NRC - Carolien's advice about people's negative thoughts over the World Cup's result for Oranje. 


prntscr Lizet mediaRadio1Radio EenVandaag - Lizet was interviewed about the social-emotional development of deaf children with a cochlear implant by Radio EenVandaag on June 5. Listen to the interview (starting at 47:40).


 prntscr Lizet mediaLeidenA number of websites posted items about Lizet's PhD project concerning social-emotional outcomes in children with cochlear implants. Read the (Dutch) articles on Leiden University,, Kentalis, and Mens en Gezondheid.


 Trouw opvoedvraag CarolienTrouw- What to do when your 5-year-old feels forced to invite a classmate to his birthday party? Carolien Rieffe answers this parenting question in newspaper Trouw (in Dutch).  


fairness autism blogSFARI - The Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative posted a blog about our recently published study on fairness in children with ASD.


 Lucinda radioSleutelstad - Radio interview with Lucinda about her research on emotion regulation in children with ASD (in Dutch)



 persbericht Lucinda1Lucinda Pouw's PhD research on emotion regulation in children with ASD received attention on several websites. Read the articles on Leiden University and Klik.


 StephanieTheunissenSeveral websites published articles about Stephanie Theunissen's research on psychopathology in hearing-impaired children. Click here to read the articles on NVVS, LUMC, artsennet, gezondheidsplein nationale zorggids, and the website of Leiden University  


Scrsh EosEos - Short article about Carolien Rieffe's research on empathy in children with ASD.


Scrsh NVONVO - Article written for the NVO by Carolien Rieffe. The topic of this article is the emotional development of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


Scrsh NWONWO - Article about Maartje Kouwenberg's research on social-emotional development of deaf or hard hearing youth in a hearing environment.


 dossier autismeLeiden University- Article about Carolien Rieffe's research on empathy  in children with ASD.

Scrsh ArtsennetArtsennet - Article about Carolien Rieffe and Lizet Ketelaar's research on social-emotional functioning of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

 Scrsh Nieuwsbrief 1Leiden University- Article about the publication prize awarded to Carolien Rieffe, Lizet Ketelaar and co-authors for their publication on empathy in young children with an autism spectrum disorder


Scrsh KentalisKentalis - Article about Karin Wiefferink and Carolien Rieffe's research on emotion recognition and emotion regulation of children with cochlear implants.

Scrsh TrouwTrouw - Article about Karin Wiefferink's research on language development and social-emotional functioning in children with cochlear implants


Scrsh Hoezo 1Hoe?Zo! Radio - Interview with Karin Wiefferink about sign language and cochlear implants (starts at minute 52:50)

Scrsh Kennislink 1
Kennislink - Article about Karin Wiefferink's research on language and social-emotional functioning in deaf children with cochlear implants



Scrsh Trouw 2Trouw - Article about Sheida Novin's research on emotional functioning in Moroccan-Dutch adolescents



Scrsh Hoezo 2Hoe?Zo! Radio - Interview with Carolien Rieffe about emotional development in deaf children


Scrsh InfocusInFocus - TV programme in which Sheida Novin joins in a debate on Moroccan-Dutch adolescents in the Netherlands


Scrsh SozioSoziO-SPH - Article about Carolien Rieffe's research on emotional development in deaf children


Scrsh Kennislink 2Kennislink - Article about Francine Jellesma's research on somatic complaints in children


Scrsh VolkskrantDe Volkskrant - Article about Francine Jellesma's research on somatic complaints in children


Scrsh Nieuwsbrief 2Leiden University - Article about Carolien Rieffe's VIDI research on emotional development in deaf children and children with ASD



Scrsh Kennislink 3Kennislink - Article about Carolien Rieffe's VIDI research project


Scrsh MareMare - Article about Carolien Rieffe's research on emotional development in deaf children


Scrsh ScienceguideScienceGuide - Article about Sheida Novin's research on Moroccan-Dutch adolescents' emotional functioning