Dr. Sheida NovinSheida Novin

Sheida Novin currently holds a position at the University of Utrecht and the University of Michigan (USA). Her work focuses on the influence of culture (cultural values, self-construal, cultural mindsets) on various aspects of human psychology, including behavior, emotion, cognition, and mental health. Together with Carolien, Sheida supervises the PhD project of Naqi Dahamat.

Dr. Zainal Madon  Zainal Madon

Zainal is a Head of Department and a Senior Lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), a leading research university in Malaysia. He collaborates with us in a research on cultural differences in emotion regulation and adolescent aggression. 


An angering friend in VR

VR BoosheidSliders

Two master students in Media Studies at the department for Computer Science (LIACS, Leiden University), Pieter Rohrbach and Nesse van der Meer, developed a VR game for the Focus on Emotion lab (Carolien and Marieke Bos) with which older children and young teenagers can practice their anger regulation with an avatar in a virtual reality setting. Read the interview (in Dutch), also with Robin de Lange, supervisor of Pieter and Nesse at Media Studies.

Lapp-Top ceremony

LappTop all April2017

On 20 April, the ending ceremony of the Lapp-Top program was held in Pieterskerk. The high-school students were divided into groups and gave very impressive presentations on what they learned from the course.

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Biking along the tulip fields!

Tulip April2017

The Focus On Emotion team and CoPAN cycled along the tulip fields from Leiden to Lisse today (20 April). Along the 40-kilometer-long cycle path, we were amazed by the flowers in all kinds of color. Enjoy the beautiful sun-lit Spring days, everyone!

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